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The Hummingbird Alliance


How safe is your school?

The concern for school safety is not new.  However, we lack consistent standards, training and resources across public and private schools, school districts and state levels.   Our goal is to change this. 


The Hummingbird Alliance is an organization making positive change by leading conversations and focusing education on school safety.  Founded in memory of Alex Quanbeck, and dedicated to children everywhere.  We can do better.  Join us.

Our Purpose

To raise awareness and create a holistic dialogue around school safety and security.

Children in School
Empty Classroom

To build and fund training programs promoting safety in and out of the classroom.

To create a baseline of safety standards for all institutions we entrust with our children.

School Girls During Workout

Let's start with a question:    Who is responsible for safety on your campus?

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Remembering Alex

Alexander Reid Quanbeck was born October 3, 2012 in San Francisco.  The third of three active boys, he was the heartbeat of his family and the instigator of all mischief.  He loved with his whole heart, and lived life with curiosity, humor and style.  He listened to the Beastie Boys, collected crystals and shark teeth, and loved to ski, surf, and play with his brothers and baby sister.  His favorite food was anything you could buy at a gas station, especially if it was birthday cake flavored, and when he grew up he wanted to be a doctor, a dentist and a YouTuber - all at once.

Alex's life was tragically cut short on December 19, 2019 during recess at an independent school in Marin County, California.  A rolling gate adjacent to the playground failed and fatally injured him.  His preventable death has cast a light on the need for a holistic focus on school safety and security.  We are looking to raise awareness through better training, oversight and education for teachers, administrators, school boards and parent communities.

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