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Building a legacy for Alex

In late 2022, The Hummingbird Alliance partnered with the American Fence Association to increase safety awareness around the danger manual rolling gates pose without proper safeguards. With over 1,400 member companies across 19 regional chapters, the AFA promotes the highest levels of professionalism, ethics, education and certification for the fence industry. 


October 3rd is Alex's birthday, and in his memory we are kicking off Gate Safety Awareness month in partnership with the AFA.  Throughout the month we will be broadcasting activities, training and awareness campaigns related to gate and fence safety.  Find updates here as we look at ways to make gates safer on playgrounds, at schools, around pools and at your home.

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A Birthday to Remember

Since losing Alex, a sense of dread looms for us each year as we approach holidays and milestones he is missing.  But this year is different – we are humbled by the professionalism of the fence and gate industry taking action to prevent further tragedies like the one our family experienced, and the others we have identified in our research.  Through training, standards revisions, and proposed changes to law that are in process, the commitment to keeping our communities safe is our top priority.

Safety is a mindset we all can share. 

Eric and Dayna Quanbeck

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Gate and Fence Safety Awareness Month

Find A Local Gate Safety Professional

Interested in having a gate or fence installed, or in scheduling a safety check for existing installations? Get connected with a fence and gate professional through your local AFA Chapter!

Simply click on the map below and contact the AFA Chapter President for your area.  They are standing by to connect you with a trained professional who can help.


Why Gate Safety Regulations Are Important

Our goal is to prevent future fallen gate tragedies by partnering with the men and women working directly with gate fabrication and installation; and with the regulating bodies that enforce the building codes these installations fall within.

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