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The Hummingbird Alliance at FenceTech 2023

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

This video was shared last week during the keynote address at American Fence Association’s FenceTech conference in Oklahoma City.

The Hummingbird Alliance founder and Alex’s father Eric Quanbeck was invited to deliver the keynote address for the American Fence Association’s national conference in Oklahoma City.

Eric's keynote presentation allowed us to share Alex’s story, and the story of other children affected by similar tragedies, with the very men and women in the gate and fencing industry who have the power to initiate change.

We are energized by the action this industry is taking– to help improve safety and peace of mind for all of us in the work they do. There are thousands of men and women who design, build, and maintain the fences, gates and facilities in use in our everyday lives, and safety is a cornerstone of their work.

Safety doesn't stop at the fences and gates around our schools and playgrounds, but it can start with the fence and gate professionals who install them.

Implementation of safety standards and a knowledgeable, certified workforce can save lives. We are grateful for the men and women who stand beside us to make our world safer.

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