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Marin County To Adopt Gate Safety Ordinances

The first article on the front page of Saturday's Marin Independent Journal read; "Gate safety laws OK'd after tragedy".

Following the city and municipal leaders in San Rafael, San Anselmo, Tiburon, Belvedere and Larkspur; the Marin County Board of Supervisors approved the first reading of two gate safety ordinances at their meeting last week. The first of the two ordinances requires all new gate installations that are 4' or more in width and 7' or more in height to include fall-stop hardware, to prevent fences from falling horizontally to the ground in the event of failure.

The second ordinance applies the same requirement to existing gates, to be retrofitted whenever new building permits are issued after July 1.

Eric Quanbeck, Alex's father, is also in talks with leaders in Novato, Mill Valley, and Ross; with the goal of getting similar safety measures instituted throughout the state, and eventually the country to prevent tragedies like this from befalling other families in communities across the country.

The map below shows where new safety codes have been adopted; cities and municipalities that we are currently speaking with; and those that we've made connection with and are pending further discussions. If you have contact with your local elected officials and would like to coordinate a presentation on gate safety for your community, please email Eric at

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